Track your CO₂ anywhere, anytime.

Log your carbon emissions automatically, support clean energy projects, and earn rewards for minimizing your footprint.

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Track your footprint.

Answer a few initial questions about your daily routine. Carbonbase will automatically start estimating your footprint in the background.

Support clean energy.

Choose from dozens of clean energy projects across the world, and show your support by purchasing recurring carbon offsets.

Earn rewards.

Regularly improve your footprint over time, and win prizes, including gift cards, cashback, and donations to charities of your choice.

A world first for personal CO₂ tracking

First mobile app that automagically tracks and offsets your carbon emissions from all parts of your everyday life

  • 100% free to sign up

  • Easy to use – get started in less than 5 minutes

  • Access to vetted, high-quality carbon offsets

  • Integrates with other health, fitness, and transportation apps

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Automatically detects whether you are driving, walking, biking, or taking public transit.


Estimates carbon emissions from heating your home or generating electricity.


Incorporates your recycling, composting, and spending habits.


Differentiates between consuming meat, dairy, organic, and local food.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Carbonbase is a mobile application that uses predictive technology to automatically track your carbon footprint, including emissions from your travel, home, waste, and food. Carbonbase then offers you to purchase recurring carbon offsets that go toward developing high-quality, clean energy projects across the world. See your progress over time, and earn rewards for minimizing your carbon footprint.

Carbonbase uses proprietary algorithms to analyze trends in your daily routines and make predictions. As you continue to use Carbonbase, we can use more of your historical data to build a more accurate, predictive model of your carbon emissions.

The first public release of Carbonbase will only be available for iOS users in the United States and Canada. Support for Android and other countries is on our roadmap.

Our first public release is scheduled for Spring 2018. In the meanwhile, we are currently looking for beta testers. If you are an iOS user and live in the United States or Canada, we invite you to sign up as a beta tester below.

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